John Frazier's

Digital Art

Coffee Farmer


Blue with light gray

Red highlight

Looking for a way out

Bad hair day

Pink and little Green

Green ad Black Net

Gold is a Color

Gallery 1




Woman from Nicaragua plus One

Doing my thing

Can u find the face

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Artist Statement

Art is of my world. Everything has a place, good or bad. We all live in our own little worlds, which touch other people’s world for whatever the reason. 

I used three mediums in my art . These mediums are clay, metal and digital  art. They all have a special place in my life. If you look at my  art, you can see into my soul. It is important to me for others to see me through my work. Whether one likes it or dislikes it  is alright.

I am an  “Old man”, trying to say something, before Leaving.